Friday, January 2, 2015

Summer Sportsmen / VARIOUS DATES AUG, SEPT 2014

This collection of photos highlights several fishing and hunting outings during late summer 2014. I spent several days fishing on the Lewis river with friends and family. I also tagged along on an elk hunt with my father and brother in the Malheur National Forest north of Burns, where we saw plenty of Elk but never got a shot. Good times were had.

Lewis River 

Mimulus alsinoides
chickweed monkey-flower

Mergus merganser
common merganser hens

(click to embiggen pano)
Pseudacris regilla
Pacific chorus frog

Malheur National Forest, Harney County, OR

Odocoileus hemionus
mule deer

Nucifraga columbiana
Clark's nutcracker
Sitta carolinensis
white-breasted nuthatch
Tamias amoenus
yellow-pine chipmunk 

elk scat

poker nights

Laney fellas
(click to embiggen pano)

Lewis river

Timothy Lake

we remain classy


  1. Nice post J! Makes me want some summer right now.