Monday, September 8, 2014

The Riviera Maya: Part 2 - Visiting Different Worlds / JULY 25 2014

On Day 3 of our adventures on the Riviera Maya we visited two different alien water-worlds. In the morning we toured an amazing underground cenote (Cenote Santa Cruz). The afternoon was spent snorkeling in Akumal Bay where we got great views of the reef and its inhabitants. The highlights of this day included an underground rope-swing and swimming with green sea turtles! 

images captured by Emily and I using Canon G12, Lumix DCM-TS5, and i-phone 4

Mimus gilvus
Tropical Mockingbird 

Icterus auratus
Orange Oriole

Myiarchus tyrannulus
Brown-crested Flycatcher

fueling up!

descending into the cenote

a subterranean moth

tree roots covered in stalactites punch through the ceiling into the cenote

millipedes feeding on bat guano

albino aquatic isopods

exfoliating mineral deposits

our awesome guide, Victor

Victor demonstrating his amazing ability to hold his breath underwater for long periods of time
the cenote was full of black catfish

on our way to snorkel in Akumal Bay

Chelonia mydas
green sea turtle

a sea fan
a sea rod
Plexaura flexuosa ?

Dasyatis americana
Southern Stingray (with a friend)

French Angels (Pomocanthus paru) and other reef fish over brain coral

French Angel (Pomocanthus paru) and other reef fish over brain coral

Haemulon sciurus
Blue-striped Grunt

parrot fish?
Diadema antillarum
long-spined sea urchin

Sphyraena barracuda
great barracuda

a school of squid


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