Sunday, July 6, 2014

Rinehart Ranch Restoration / MAY 8 - 11 2014

I traveled to the historic Rinehart Ranch to participate in riparian restoration with fellow members of the Oregon Natural Desert Association in early May of 2014. Perched along the rim of Owyhee Canyon some 800 feet above the river, the ranch dates back over 100 years. The privately owned land is now fenced off from cattle and, in recent years, the riparian trees have begun to recover from historic overgrazing and misuse. However, the Cedar Mountain Fire in August of 2013 burned some 23,000 acre including portions of Rinehart Creek. Our restoration efforts included planting cottonwoods and willows and building protective cages for the trees in the hopes of restoring this beautiful area to a more natural state. On the day following the planting, myself and several others undertook a 10 mile round-trip hike into a section of the Owyhee Canyon known as Jackson Hole. This trip was my second excursion into the Owyhee Canyonlands. I hope to make many more in the future. What an amazing place!

images captured using Canon G-12, Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX5V, & iphone

The riparian zone of Rinehart Creek suffered from recent wildfire damage.

Owyhee Canyon

somebody lost a combine down there
the land is moving
currant-leaf desert mallow
Sphaeralcea grossulariifolia

rayless daisy
Erigeron aphanactis

western toad
Bufo boreas

(click to embiggin)

planting cottonwoods

break time
Bill takes five

banded wooly-bear caterpillar
Pyrrharctia isabella
a western tanager
Piranga ludoviciana
red-winged blackbirdAgelaius phoeniceus

planting willows
narrow-leaf phacelia
Phacelia linearis

(click to embiggin)
the original homestead has been restored

possibly a European starling chick?

panorama of Rinehart Ranch
(click to embiggin)

the pasture

meditation stones

looking upstream toward Jackson Hole

(click to embiggin)

looking downstream toward Hole in The Ground

Hole in The Ground Ranch homestead

Stansbury's phlox
Phlox stansburyi

common yellow monkeyflower
Mimulus guttatus

unidentified penstemon
Penstemon sp.
Lewisia rediviva

mysterious stone corral

looking down into Jackson Hole
buried castles

a bighorn ewe
Ovis canadensis

gay penstemon
Penstemon laetus
desert paintbrush (right) & unidentified (left)
Castilleja chromosa
descending into Jackson Hole

swallowtail butterflyPapilio sp.

petroglyphs on boulders near the riverside

what does it mean?
an artifact

smallmouth bass caught with popper on the fly-rodMicropterus dolomieu

Owyhee River

a chukar Alectoris chukar

the long hike back up and out

cushion desert buckwheat
Eriogonum caespitosum
sand lilyLeucocrinum montanum
Lewisia rediviva
a brush rabbitSylvilagus bachmani

Bill and I
sandhill cranesGrus canadensis

a ground squirrel wishes me farewell


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