Monday, December 30, 2013

Wildlife of The Oregon Basin and Range / NOVEMBER 8 - 10 2013

I spent two chilly November days exploring the uplands and lowlands of Southeast Oregon with my faithful companion, Nico. Many mammalian and avian species put on a fantastic show as we crossed from one habitat to another during a beautiful fall weekend.

Images were captured using a Canon G12 and i-Phone 4S.

a flock of Pinyon Jays

a Mule Deer doe

hiding in the sage
Greater Sage-grouse

a Rough-legged Hawk

Fort Rock
(click to embiggin pano)
a Canyon Wren


Tundra Swans

Winter Ridge
Ana river

Summer Lake ODFW Field Station

Lake Abert

I had the fortune of meeting a very interesting fellow by the name of Tristan Howard as he filmed Bighorn in the rut on Abert Rim. He was kind enough to let me take a peek through his viewfinder. Take a look at his work on his website:

Bighorn Sheep remains beneath Abert Rim

a Coyote prowls the flats of the lake shore

(click to embiggin)

a large herd of Proghorn graze on the refuge at sundown

a buck Mule Deer as the last light fades
sleepy dog in a comfy bed

Mule Deer buck 

playing on the playa

swans sing as they fly over the Alvord desert

(click to embiggin)

exploring the Eastern slopes of Steens

(click to embiggin)

Western slopes of Steens
Nico enjoys the view as we drive through Malheur Wildlife Refuge.
Lower Donner und Blitzen river

Nico investigates a beaver's work

Diamond Craters

ancient lava flows

Huge pits tell stories of a dramatic geologic past
American Robins perched above craters

Nico listens to a coyote yowl in the distance beyond the crater.
Steens Mountain seen from the North

A Golden Eagle watches as night falls.


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