Sunday, December 30, 2012

Labor Day Weekend River Crawl with Dad / SEP 1 - 4 2012

The Old Man and I decided to hit up some of Oregon's more remote and more challenging waters. Wandering through the Oregon Outback and Cascade Mountains, we tried our luck on the Metolius, Chewaucan, Sycan, and Umpqua Rivers. We caught a fair number of fish and saw some beautiful country on this late summer road-trip.

Metolius River

an ongoing debate

a stop at the Paisley Saloon  

Chewaucan River 


Summer Lake
Looking down onto Summer Lake from high atop Winter Ridge
a spy

target practice in the Fremont National Forest
Upper Sycan River

Lower Sycan River
Hooked into a 15 plus incher after just 10 minutes of fishing here. I was able to get her within 2 feet of a landing when my leader snapped. I was bummed, but what a beautiful river. Must return here.


Down from the bridge, the Lower Sycan meanders a short ways into Sycan Marsh.

a well deserved beer in the motel room

Clearwater River

North Umpqua River
a dangerous man
Copeland Creek

tiny guys

sugar pine country

Dad trys his luck where Steamboat Creek rolls into the Umpqua


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