Monday, October 8, 2012

Smokey Skies - Fishing Trip to Steens Mountain, Alvord Desert, and Lake Hosmer / AUG 10 - 13 2012

Returning to Steens Mountain, I fished Wildhorse Lake and the Donner Und Blitzen River with my good friend Jamie Larson.  After adventures on both sides of the mountain, smoke from wildfires sent us back to central Oregon for an unplanned (but rewarding) visit to Hosmer Lake. Amazing hiking, lots of wildlife, magical sunsets, and productive fishing made this one a trip for the books. 

too much for words

Wildhorse Lake

We watched what appeared to be a large coyote ascend the canyon wall ahead of us. It seemed to be stalking a small group of deer before we came along and spooked them all.
We decided to go crosscountry and take the long way back up to the summit. 

a long steep climb

at the top
Steens summit geocache

Smoke from the many wildfires burning across the region made for a hauntingly beautiful, blood red sunset.
Big Indian Gorge

Riddle Brothers Ranch main cabin

Donner und Blitzen River 

a big Blitzen redband 

old borax works on the east side of Steens Mtn.

Borax Lake

a smokey sunset
a shy badger
camping on the Alvord playa
Alvord crawlers emerge from the cracks at night

mysterious beings 

Fields Station

Hosmer Lake


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