Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Riparian Restoration on the South Fork of the Crooked River / MAY 4 - 6 2012

Along with fellow members of the Oregon Natural Desert Association, I journey to the South Fork of the Crooked River to plant native tree species and restore the riparian zone along the overgrazed stretches of the river that have now been set aside. Made some great new friends and had quite the adventure exploring a ruggedly steep side canyon.

South Fork Crooked River

red osier dogwood, cottonwoods, and willow

beaver cage

must have been a desperate beaver to go after this juniper

I had the great fortune to accompany John Hartog as he set up his equipment for a night of nature recordings. Be sure to check out his blog of amazing natural soundscapes.
supermoon rising

a watchful juniper

prairie smoke

desert lupine


  1. Thanks for putin in some time homie! River looks rad.