Sunday, April 29, 2012

ONDA Hart Mountain Greater Sage-Grouse lek count / MARCH 29 - APRIL 1 2012

I head to Hart Mountain National Antelope Refuge to assist in the 2012 Sage-Grouse lek count for the Oregon Natural Desert Association. A great adventure with great people.

scouting the next morning's lek count
USFWS bunk house

view from my bunk room

Beaty's Butte 
first morning's count

golden folded miles 

Petroglyph Lake

The Bugman 

mysterious beings

sunrise over Steens
second morning's count

a well attended lek

through the sighting scope

Sandhill Cranes
Rock Creek

Just after I took this photo i stowed my camera and then began to head back up the canyon the way we had come. I turned a corner only to come upon a large mountain lion. The lion immediately jumped over the creek, climbed the opposite canyon wall and took off back behind me.

a restful afternoon waiting out a sudden blizzard
fresh snow on Beaty's Butte 

an evening hike

final morning count

our team


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