Tuesday, October 4, 2011

our family adventures into the Oregon outback / JULY 16 - 22 2011

Emma, Nico and I spent a week in the rugged lands east of the Cascades searching for gems, hotsprings, wildlife, and adventure.

the Crooked river
Black Butte

The Ana River

Summer Lake

Paisley, OR 

Men's restroom

a desert redband caught on the Chewaucan River

cute dishwasher

met up with a good buddy for some fine fishin'

Plush Oregon, a small quiet drinking town with a cattle problem.

Dust Devil sunstone mining operation

Diggin' Dan entertains guests

collecting sunstones near the Rabbit Hills

Hart Lake

looking out over the Warner wetlands from Hart Mountain

Hart Mountain preserve headquarters

a mouth for a treat

a cozy camp
hotspring visit in the middle of the night

Hart Mountain National Antelope Refuge

searching Flook Lake for minerals

Fields, Or

a wall of death

Squirt and Bighorn

Alvord hotspring

camping at Pike Creek on the east side of Steens Mtn.

water covering most of the Alvord playa

moonrise over the Alvord desert from our camp

a morning soak

Mickey Hotsprings with the Steens in the distance
a hot hot deep pool

the local inhabitants

further down the Mickey Basin

cooling off
Lake Owyhee

Bighorn Sheep

Succor Creek
yoga underneath spires

morning moon

there were LOTS of snakes

Northern Pikeminnow - caught lots of these

digging for Thundereggs above Succor Creek

the John Day River

fly fishing for Smallmouth

Stonehenge in the Columbia River Gorge

my girls

our heroes after six nights of camping and traveling

Mt. Hood from Washington's rim of the gorge


  1. Bring back Nico's hair do and for your information that fish you caught is called a Squaw Fish. Great Photos!